Add a Note When Deal Value Changes


Sales processes are streamlined and efficient, but one of the reasons we still need a personal touch is because they are subject to change. Sometimes a hot deal suddenly becomes cold. A deal you had early in a pipeline is ready to buy today. And sometimes the value of how much the sale is worth changes too. That’s why keeping good notes and reviewing is essential.

This automation is triggered when a deal’s value field changes. A note is then added to the contact that the change has occurred, along with any other information you wish to add.

Here’s how Add a Note When Deal Value Changes works:
1. The contact enters the automations when the deal field “Deal Value” changes.
2. The contact reaches an add contact note action and a note is made about the change.

Note: You can easily tweak the segmenting of the trigger to add notes for when a value drops below or raises above a certain amount to make the notes and follow-up actions even more specific.

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