‍Abandoned Cart Saver™ by Voma

Gabriel Ryan

Never lose another sale to abandoned carts!

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Our Abandoned Cart Saver automation is the ultimate solution for recovering lost revenue and re-engaging hesitant shoppers.

Here's how it works:

Seamless Integration: Our automation seamlessly integrates with Voma, our powerful app that automatically adds an "Abandoned Cart" tag to any contact who leaves items in their cart.

Timely Reminders: Once the tag is triggered, our automation swings into action, sending a friendly reminder email to gently nudge your potential customer back to their waiting treasures.

Strategic Follow-Up: We understand the importance of timing. Our automation intelligently waits until 10 AM the following day to send a second persuasive sales email, ensuring maximum visibility and impact.

The Final Push: After a carefully calculated 27-hour pause, we deliver a final, compelling email to reignite their interest and seal the deal.

This strategic sequence of personalized emails is designed to maximize conversions and recover those precious abandoned carts. With our Abandoned Cart Saver, you can rest assured that you're leaving no money on the table.

Bonus: We've even included a recipe for an automation that will help you cleanup the unconverted abandoned cart leads from ActiveCampaign! Import the cleanup recipe

Reclaim your lost sales and boost your revenue with our Abandoned Cart Saver automation today!

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