1:1 Email: Lead Outreach Pt. 1


How do you do lead outreach? That’s a question whose answer changes depending on who you ask. Different companies all view lead outreach differently and have put in research and hours of work to perfect their process. We put together this two-part series to help get you started on reaching out to your leads and warming them up.

This automation reaches out to new deals on two channels to let them know about your offerings and your business. If they sign up for your main list, they start moving through your pipeline. If they don’t, they’re entered into a lead warming sequence.

Here’s how 1:1 Email: Lead Outreach Pt. 1 works:
1. The automation is triggered when a new deal enters your sales pipeline.
2. The contact arrives at a wait step until 11am in their timezone. Feel free to adjust this timing to when your contacts engage most.
3. The contact arrives at a 1:1 email send action and a email is sent from the deal owner’s connected email address.
4. The contact then moves to a “Add to Facebook Custom Audience” action and is added to a custom audience for warming up leads.
5. The contact then arrives at a wait step where they wait up to a month until the contact joins the specified list, usually your main list. The contact moves through the wait step after a month, regardless.
6. The contact comes to an If/Else action checking to see if they are in the specified list.
7. If they are, they go down the Yes path and are removed from the Facebook custom audience.
8. They then arrive at a Move Deal stage action and are moved further down the pipeline.
9. If they aren’t in that list, they go down the No path and enter a lead warming nurture sequence via an “enter other automation” action.

Note: We use our recipe “Marketing Nurture” for the No pathway, but feel free to use any lead warming sequence you may have.

Note; The deal stage change in step 8 is what triggers the recipe “1:1 Email: Lead Outreach Pt. 2”.

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