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The Challenge

  • Spending too much time manually sending one-off emails and tracking customers on spreadsheets
  • Manual processes were not scalable to meet the growth of the company and keep customers engaged
  • Needed the ability to capture and track the people who want to work with them

The Solution

  • By automating manual processes, now able to take a strategic look at what else they can do for their customers
  • Now able to onboard new clients and engage them with content that adds value to their journey, ultimately resulting in increased sales
  • Using ActiveCampaign, Wonsulting’s business is now streamlined and self-sustaining
ActiveCampaign for us has single-handedly been one of the best investments that we've made

When Jonathan Javier and Jerry Lee founded Wonsulting, they embarked on a mission to turn underdogs into winners: helping hundreds of thousands who come from...

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Company Size
1-100 employees
ActiveCampaign for Marketing
ActiveCampaign for Sales

When Jonathan Javier and Jerry Lee founded Wonsulting, they embarked on a mission to turn underdogs into winners: helping hundreds of thousands who come from non-target schools/non-traditional backgrounds to get them into their dream careers. Think about students who might graduate from a no-name school, and want to break into a “top tier company” like Googles, the Goldman’s, the Mackenzies of the world. Wonsulting breaks down the resume, interview, and recruiting process, creating a step-by-step roadmap to help them land their dream job.

In a relatively short time after launching their business –only 6 months– Wonsulting went from 20,000 to over 1.5 million followers across TikTok, LinkedIn, and Instagram, Wonsulting and have a massive reach of about 30 million people a month. It’s a good problem to have, but with so many people reaching out asking how to engage with them, Wonsulting didn’t have a scalable way to manage the influx. They needed to solve:

  • How do we capture the people who want to work with us
  • How do we make sure we keep track of people who have intent to buy
  • How do we scale our service offering

In their first year of business, Wonsulting was using a spreadsheet to keep track of everything, but after about the first 200 entries their processes broke, very quickly. “It was extremely manual and extremely painful,” commented Jerry. “We knew there was a better way, so we signed up with Infusionsoft.” 

Infusionsoft/Keap helped solve the problem of keeping track of clients, “but didn’t do a very good job of solving how we follow up with clients, capture people’s emails, and give people those nudges they need to purchase.” They tried to solve these things with Infusionsoft, “but we received almost no support, and the software was extremely clunky and was just confusing.” Which eventually led Wonsulting to ActiveCampaign.

25,000 email signups in one month (with no marketing)

The first thing Wonsulting did was to start tracking downloads from the resources they were already offering online. “For every free resource that we have on our website, we started collecting contact information using ActiveCampaign forms. It was extremely easy for us to create and launch.”  

“Within the first month of gating our assets using ActiveCampaign forms, we’ve gotten 25,000 email newsletter signups without us ever having to push it out. All we did was change the link in our bio to saying `hey, you want free resources, click here.” 

The second thing they solved was setting up a scalable system to manage all of their email campaigns, “not only from the people who were signing up through our gated assets, but most importantly, setting up a way for us to easily communicate to our audience through ActiveCampaign. We’re now able to scale our services and are creating a better experience for our clients.” 

One of the ways Wonsulting engages with their customers is through their resume revision service, which includes job search strategy and interview preparation. This requires a complex workflow, and from a capacity perspective, they want to ensure that they created the right balance of communication with their clients. “So for this, every person is added to the pipeline, and then we use automations so that whenever clients move from one stage to the other, boom, the client gets an email. Then the service provider would then also get an email. With this process, we were able to quickly scale from a team of two, to a team of 10 service providers helping clients. If we were to scale up to a team of 40, I have no doubt in my mind we’ll be able to do it with ActiveCampaign.” 

wonsultingnewsletter optimize
Newsletter campaigns like this one keep Wonsulting clients engaged

Massive time savings with marketing automation

“On average, Jonathan and I were spending an extra 10 to 15 hours each, working every night of the week. Automating with ActiveCampaign has given us back hundreds of hours a month that we can turn around and put back into building the business so we can continue to scale our services.”

With more time to focus on the business, Wonsulting is creating a better experience for their clients. For example, resume revisions is one of the most popular services they offer. “Historically, we heard feedback from customers saying that it feels like sometimes we rushed them. But now we have a process where clients can work with a provider until they’re happy with their resume. That’s a big win.” 

“By using Active Campaign, my business is able to be self-sustaining. I think that’s ultimately what we would have wanted this platform to do. ActiveCampaign has enabled us to free up so much of our time, it’s given us the mindshare and even just the space to think about what’s the next big thing that we can do.”

wonsultingautomation optimize
One of the many automations Wonsulting uses to streamline operations

More sales by streamlining processes

Another big win they’ve seen is integrating Shopify with ActiveCampaign. Wonsulting has been able to streamline the purchasing experience for their customers, removing multiple, convoluted steps in the process that took users through multiple URLs to complete their purchase. “Now when clients want to make a purchase,” added Jerry, “it’s all through our website, all in one page because of the Shopify integration with ActiveCampaign.” 

Another product in the line-up is their online course, The Entire Recruiting Cycle: Landing the Offer. Using Teachable to host the course, they are able to use Zapier to bring behavioral data back into ActiveCampaign where they run automations to keep clients moving through the course. “Using ActiveCampaign, we send them an email congratulating them for completing each step of the coursework, and at the end, send them a certificate of completion.” 

Shout out to AC Support

Jerry and Wonsulting team members Alvin, and Serena have built all of their ActiveCampaign automations from scratch, but one automation, in particular, was difficult to create so they reached out for help. “I’ve gotten a lot of inspiration from the recipes in ActiveCampaign,” says Jerry, “but there’s a very specific use case that we needed to solve. Thomas helped us create a solution for situations where we have multiple deals for a single contract. Thomas spent between 10-20 hours with us, brainstorming, testing, trialing, every different combination for us to figure out a solution for our unique use case.”

“The customer service at ActiveCampaign is amazing. With any platform, you’re going to run into these sorts of edge cases. I think a company’s character can be judged based on how they prioritize and help figure out a solution to these unique situations.”

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