Don’t pay more for the basic features you need to connect with customers.

Instead of paying way too much for features you never use, get the tools that will help you meaningfully connect with customers.


Plan Type: Plus
Contacts: 1,000
Emails/month: Unlimited
Setup Costs: $0

25 Users
Automated CRM
Email Marketing & Automation
Advanced Segmentation
SMS Marketing
Free Migration

$ 49
per month - paid yearly
no coaching fee

Keap (Infusionsoft)

Plan Type: Max
Contacts: 500
Emails/month: Unlimited
Setup Costs: $999

1 User
Basic CRM
Standard Marketing Automations
Limited Integrations

$ 199
per month - paid yearly
Coaching Fee: $999

Designed for growing businesses

  • Free migration and implementation to get you started quickly
  • Sales Automation & CRM make it easy to track new business
  • Send newsletters, targeted campaigns, and personalized emails
  • A platform that’s easy to navigate and understand
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Marketing automation, email, and CRM features that will guide meaningful customer interactions.

Stop overpaying for basic marketing automation and CRM features. ActiveCampaign gives you industry-leading email and marketing automation and a sophisticated CRM that is user friendly and straightforward. Build advanced customer segments, close deals automatically, and build branching automations that track a customer’s actions from start to finish.

Marketing automation you can set up in minutes

I discovered ActiveCampaign and it was like a glorious breath of fresh air. The interface made sense without resorting to the help guide, composing a campaign could be done easily in minutes.

— Jeremy Dawes

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CRM. Email. Automations.

Powerful features, at the right price.


Global Success

150,000 customers in 170 different countries. Global campaigns in more than 15 languages.


Tags let you group, sort, send, and automate. They’re like attaching a sticky note to your contacts.

Advanced Segmentation

Take tags a step further and group your customers based on their interests and lifecycle stage.

Website Forms

Automation Recipes

Hundreds of industry and goal specific pre-built automation workflows to help you get started.

Single Step Automations

Multi-Step Automations

Move customers through a workflow based on different actions or events.

If/Else Automation Triggers

Send customers down a specific path within an automation based on their actions.

Start/Stop an Automation

Use automation actions to send contacts into another workflow based on their activity.

Sophisticated Triggers

Purchasing a product, abandoning a cart, and more will enter a contact into an automation.

Automation Map

See how your automations connect to each other, so you can easily update your marketing, adjust your strategy, and map out new automations.

Automation Split Testing

Test which path in an automation performs better in real-time, and learn more about your customers.

Dynamic Automations

Use multiple goals and go-to actions to create flexible workflows and send each contact down a unique path.

SMS Automation

Send a text message to contacts within an automation by leveraging powerful integration partners.

Site & Event Tracking

Customized Stack & Scalability

Build customized stacks for your business, allowing your features to scale with you, and stop paying for features you don’t need.


Sales CRM

Give customers a personalized experience across their entire lifecycle with better customer relationship management.

CRM Mobile App

See how your email marketing campaigns are performing on the go with an easy-to-use mobile app.

Multiple Pipelines

Organize your sales team however it works for you. Keap doesn’t offer multiple sales pipelines or sales reports in their plans.

Deal & Stage Automation

Create or update customer deals based on behaviors - or lack thereof - and move them to the next pipeline stage.

Task Automation

Loop in team members to call, email, or otherwise manage a customer deal.

Schedule Appointments

Connect with your customers 1 on 1 with automatic scheduling and meeting reminders.

Win Probability

Machine learning generates a percentage field on each deal, telling you how likely that deal is to close.

Lead Scoring

Assign scores to each customer deal as they interact with your site, email campaigns, etc. and understand how likely they are to purchase.


Drag-and-Drop Email Designer

Use our visual campaign builder to see exactly how your email marketing works before it goes live.

Dedicated Email Deliverability Team

A real human will check your first few emails and be sure they’re compliant before sending.

Email Templates

Unlike Keap, ActiveCampaign also includes 125+ expertly-crafted email templates and a robust landing page builder.

Email Automation

Send contacts emails based on actions, behaviors, stage, etc.

Conditional Content

Put different messages in front of different people based on specific preferences and behaviors.

Email Split Testing

A/B test campaigns to learn what content works best.