Círculo is a CRM and martech consultancy that aims to build real relationships that create long lasting connections and generate results—both for their clients and for their clients’ clients.

When their client Apto recognized an opportunity to provide a better experience for their users while increasing the number of leads they generated, Círculo CRM recommended ActiveCampaign as the solution. Read on to learn how Círculo CRM helped Apto leverage ActiveCampaign to create customer journeys that delivered relevant and personalized content in real time, resulting in a 30% increase in leads.

Apto is the largest real estate marketplace for new properties in Brazil, with presences in the United States and Portugal. The company generates about ten thousand leads every month from people interested in buying new property. However, in analyzing the numbers, Apto realized that many of those users generated only a single lead, while they could be interested in other similar properties on the marketplace.

To solve for this, Círculo CRM drew up a detailed strategic plan of the moments within Apto’s existing customer journey that could be leveraged. Then, they recommended an API integration between ActiveCampaign and Apto’s property recommendations engine that would:

  1. Confirm that the lead generated on the marketplace has already been sent to the construction company responsible for the ad, and that a real estate agent will soon pick up the lead
  2. Provide each user personalized recommendations for other properties that may also be of interest to them 

Círculo CRM handled the set up and implementation of the integration for Apto, and created a series of automated email flows in ActiveCampaign that touch every stage of the customer lifecycle. Círculo also facilitated a training program for Apto’s team so they could confidently manage the processes and automations Círculo set up for them moving forward.

“After working with ActiveCampaign and Apto for six months, we were able to increase the number of leads Apto generated through email marketing by 30%, and email became their highest converting channel for lead gen with an ROI of BRL 341,” says Pedro Castro of Círculo CRM.

Interested in becoming an ActiveCampaign partner like Círculo CRM? Find more information about ActiveCampaign’s partner program here.