INSTADRIVE Sees 6x Industry-Standard CTRs with ActiveCampaign


Average click-through rate


Revenue from follow-up emails

The Challenge

  • Navigating strict German data protection regulations requiring double opt-in for marketing communications.
  • High website traffic not translating into sales due to lack of opt-in for further engagement.
  • Managing a large and growing audience while ensuring personalized and relevant communication to comply with data privacy regulations.

The Solution

  • Implemented ActiveCampaign’s automation capabilities to manage double opt-in processes and ensure regulatory compliance.
  • Required email entry to view pricing on the website, leading to better engagement and follow-up through automated email sequences.
  • Used ActiveCampaign’s segmentation and automation to deliver relevant content and manage customer interactions efficiently, boosting engagement and sales.
I knew that we needed ActiveCampaign for its automation capabilities for our follow-up emails and more. We’ve doubled our revenue since starting with ActiveCampaign.

INSTADRIVE is a German company revolutionizing the way people drive. They offer a brand-agnostic subscription service where you can choose...

Company Size
1-100 employees
ActiveCampaign for Marketing

INSTADRIVE is a German company revolutionizing the way people drive. They offer a brand-agnostic subscription service where you can choose from some of the most popular electric cars available today. INSTADRIVE is making sustainable and environmentally friendly driving more accessible. 

Companies in Germany, however,  face unique marketing challenges. “Email marketing is quite different in Germany than in the US because of data protection regulations. The regulations require a double opt-in to send marketing communication to people,” says Gunnar Mursch, Head of Marketing at INSTADRIVE.

Gunnar originally began as a marketing consultant for INSTADRIVE before joining them full-time. From his time consulting, he was familiar with ActiveCampaign and the power of its automation capabilities. He brought ActiveCampaign into INSTADRIVE to help them manage their large audiences while still adhering to the requirements of German law. 

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Regulatory challenges require creative solutions

“We reach about a million people per month with all our channels,” Gunnar explains. Germany has a population of 70 million, so INSTADRIVE enjoys some serious brand recognition. Unfortunately, site visits and views don’t always translate to sales, especially in environments with strict data protection laws.

Because of the strict regulations in Germany, INSTADRIVE has to ensure they receive this “double opt-in” before sending marketing communications to customers and prospects. As a result, segmentation is essential for ensuring people receive content related to their original opt-in. More than 150,000 people visit the site daily, proof that plenty of people are interested in INSTADRIVE’s services. However, that traffic doesn’t translate into sales without the all-important double opt-in. 

Driving website visitors to opt-in

One of the main pathways Gunnar has set up to capture these opt-ins is through INSTADRIVE’s pricing page. “One and a half years ago, before we started with ActiveCampaign, everybody could see the price of a subscription just by visiting the website. But we couldn’t work with them because they hadn’t opted in. We saw plenty of people visiting the website, but we didn’t get any more value from that traffic. So I said okay, let’s start with ActiveCampaign.”

Now, website visitors are required to enter their emails to see pricing. A prospect chooses the electric car model they’re interested in and requests a quote. “They then get a transactional email from INSTADRIVE through Postmark with an offer in a pdf,” Gunnar explains. “Then they go directly into an ActiveCampaign automation for follow-up. They get a series of 5 follow-up emails. This model is absolutely unique to us.”

Another key way INSTADRIVE collects emails and gets double opt-ins to build its lead base is by offering a free service for managing electric car tax rebates. In Germany and Austria, companies are charged fees for greenhouse gas emissions, while companies using electric vehicles are eligible for rebates, and INSTADRIVE is passing those savings along to its customers. With ActiveCampaign automations and segmentation, they can easily manage both sides of their business and get the right information to the right person at the right time while still fulfilling the strict data privacy regulation requirements the German government has in place. 

Delivering top-tier customer service through automation

 These interactions are also being fed back to INSTADRIVE’s CRM to keep track of where people are in the customer journey. From initial interest to purchasing a subscription, tracking the delivery of their vehicle, and reminders for regular maintenance, ActiveCampaign and the CRM work together to help INSTADRIVE deliver top-tier customer service. 

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Success metrics worthy of a victory lap

With Gunnar’s innovative approach, INSTADRIVE has grown its lead base from 30,000 to over 150,000 since implementing ActiveCampaign. Additionally, the company enjoys some stellar engagement thanks to INSTADRIVE’s robust content library that (with ActiveCampaign’s help) continuously delivers highly relevant content to prospects and customers. “The average click-through rate of the automotive industry is around 2.1%, and in the last year, we saw a 12% click-through rate.”

An even more impressive metric, INSTADRIVE was able to double the revenue generated from follow-up emails with ActiveCampaign and Postmark automations, making sure no lead captured fell through the cracks.  

INSTADRIVE on the road ahead

ActiveCampaign is also helping bring INSTADRIVE into the future. They’ve already begun expanding into France and will continue to expand into Italy and Spain this year. Gunnar is using what he’s learned, building the business in Germany and Austria and applying it to these new markets with the help of local teams. INSTADRIVE is already off on the right foot with its expansion efforts thanks to the foundation they’ve built on ActiveCampaign and Postmark automations.
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