Who is McCloskey Advisor Group?

McCloskey Advisor Group is a modern, high quality insurance brokerage that works with multiple highly rated insurance companies. With their broad and in depth understanding of these companies, McCloskey Advisor Group knows the ins and outs of offerings and key benefits. Their success is measured by their ability to exceed their clients’ expectations of price, service, and expertise. 

What was the problem?

Joe McCloskey wanted to change the way he did business, but was worried at how disorganized it would become. He wanted to nurture relationships with his customers and build trust. To do this he needed a platform that could keep him in front of his customers in a personalized and human way. 

The CXA Solution

With the support of  ActiveCampaign, Joe McCloskey is able to build up certainty over a period of time with his prospective customers. He firstly cold calls prospective customers and asks to send them information about his business. Once this information is submitted into AC the data is pulled into a Google Sheet using the Google Sheets CX App. From here team members will get a text through YetiText that they need to put a welcome package together. Team members have different tabs within the Google Sheet to view their different tasks and can update them as they are done. This is not the only time that data is pushed into the Google Sheet though. Information such as birthdays, X-dating (days before quote expires), and renewals are also pushed into the sheet for team members to personally hand write cards or notes to the lead. The McCloskey team also uses automations internally to send team members reminders about these tasks. This process has helped give the team visibility into everything that is going on in one place.