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Grow your business with actionable insight

Wicked Reports helps SMBs grow by extracting actionable insight from their marketing data. It’s a reporting solution that attributes revenue back to the marketing that created it.

By connecting clicks on your ads, emails, and marketing assets to actual contacts in ActiveCampaign and actual orders in your payment solution, you’ll know the exact amount of revenue each piece of marketing creates. With this insight, you’ll know what is working and what needs to be improved, and you’ll know where you should invest your marketing resources to scale.

Rather than using soft metrics — like clickthroughs or open rates — Wicked Reports measures your marketing’s performance in terms of concrete results. You’ll be able to see:
- How many customers each piece of marketing creates
- How many orders each piece of marketing creates
- How much revenue each piece of marketing creates

You can measure the effectiveness of your:
- Email marketing & marketing automation
- Facebook Ads, Google Adwords, and all other paid advertising
- Social media activity
- Any marketing that uses links

You’ll finally be able to see how your marketing works together to create customers. And, revenue will automatically be attributed back to the important touches in your customer journey so you know what’s effective (and what isn’t):

- What ad or marketing brought them to your website?
- What ad or marketing caused them to opt-in and become a lead?
- What ad or marketing caused them to make their first purchase?
- What ad or marketing drove every purchase decision after that?

**Take your ActiveCampaign email marketing to the next level**
Wicked Reports shows you exactly how many orders, customers, and sales were generated from each email you send through ActiveCampaign. It tracks both automated emails and broadcast campaigns.

Once you know how well your email marketing is performing in terms of actual revenue, you can begin optimizing it to increase your lead to customer conversion rate. You can see which messages are performing very well and which need to be optimized or replaced. You can see which order messages should be sent in based on what result they’re producing.

**How we can help**
Once ActiveCampaign, your payment solution, and your ad accounts are integrated, Wicked Reports will begin digesting that data and reporting back the exact ROI of each of your marketing efforts.

We can help you set up tracking for all your marketing. We offer “Done for you” and “Done with you” service plans. Or, if you’d rather, you can set it up yourself.

**Getting started**
We recommend starting with a demo from a member of our sales team so we can explore how Wicked Reports can help your business. You can request a demo on our website.
We provide our certified consultants education and training on our products so they can better support you, our customers. However, please keep in mind that these consultants are independent companies, so we cannot control or guaranty their quality, competence or performance.