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Helping consumer and B2B media companies grow digital audiences and revenues.

For the past 20 years, I have helped dozens of consumer and B2B magazine, book, and event companies with effective digital strategies that build their businesses. I've been the Chief Digital Officer for Penton Media, Interweave, Virgo Publishing, and HarperCollins Christian Publishing and have launched multiple, highly-successful, multi-million-dollar online businesses with advertising, e-commerce and subscription revenue streams.

A unified audience database / email / marketing automation system is a key building block to the future success of any media company. You need something beyond MailChimp or Constant Contact, but without the huge investment of Marketo, HubSpot, or Salesforce.

For some media companies, the solution might be Knowledge Marketing or Omeda, but for others, ActiveCampaign hits the sweet spot. I personally use ActiveCampaign for my own media businesses and for many of the media companies that I consult with.

At Nearview Media, we can help your media company with ...

** Digital Strategy **
What digital strategies work best to grow YOUR business? While digital fundamentals remain the same, how you strategically adapt those fundamentals to the unique needs and opportunities of your specific market and business model is what really leads to success.

** Revenue Development **
With some simple adjustments, you likely can get significantly more revenue from your existing products. But we can also help you develop new revenue streams like developing a lead generation / funnel agency or diversifying into reader-side revenue and memberships.

** Audience Development **
For media companies, audience goes well beyond email and includes print circulation, event registration, lead generation, and much more. We can help you effectively grow your audience, develop other digital audiences to avoid list fatigue, and even turn audience development into a profit center.

** Product Development **
Whether you need to help with your website, email, apps or social media properties, or need help with e-commerce, subscription, advertising, email, or other systems, we know not only the technologies, but how to best use them for the unique needs of any media business.

** Staff Development **
Our goal is to work ourselves out of a job by helping infuse a digital DNA into your team and equipping them to do everything themselves. We've helped dozens of companies analyze their digital teams, and training on social media, audience development, advertising sales, e-commerce marketing, and more.

Call me a 970-310-3800 or contact me at [email protected] and let's see where the opportunities are with your media business.
We provide our certified consultants education and training on our products so they can better support you, our customers. However, please keep in mind that these consultants are independent companies, so we cannot control or guaranty their quality, competence or performance.