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1. What should we be wary of regarding our competition?

2. Why can we trust you?

I would say the main thing to be wary of is selecting a candidate that believes this project is another job or contract or another feather in their cap. I have noticed that the Digital Marketing industry (as a whole) is much like the Personal Trainer industry. Each trainer (marketer) believes they have the best workout (answer/solution/design) and tend to tune out and forget why they are doing the work to begin with.

They have been hired to build something that could change the life of the client. They have been hired to help the client in achieving their hopes, dreams, and desires. Many times clients (especially those that are not fully established) are forced to put all their chips on the table.

For some, it's the final time.

I have been exactly where you guys are. Trying to make the best choice while having the gut wrenching thought of "What if it doesn't work". My chips have been all-in. I even spent 6 weeks away from my 9-month-old (at the time) trying to exhaust every possible avenue before throwing in the towel. I am grateful I was able to find a mentor to help me rebuild.

I believe that is what sets me apart. I love helping others and seeing them succeed. For me, my clients are not just another feather. We become friends. I really like to know why you guys fight the good fight. For most of you, it's family! I do my best for you so you can do your best for them.

Thank You again for visiting and I look forward to hearing from you.
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