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ActiveCampaign vs. Klaviyo

Powerful automation for your ecommerce store

Ecommerce marketing software that helps you better understand your customers


Plan Type:






Setup Cost:


  • Email Marketing
  • Advanced Automation
  • Advanced Segmentation
  • SMS Marketing
  • Sales CRM
  • 1-on-1 Training
  • Free migration
per month


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Setup Cost:


  • Email Marketing
  • Standard Automation
per month

Designed for growing businesses

  • Create effective, data-driven campaigns
  • Easy-to-use CRM tool to track your highest spending customers
  • Automated abandon cart emails, powered by detailed segmentation
  • Better customer segmentation for personalized post-purchase follow up
  • Free support, training, and migration
4.5 stars on G2 Crowd

Advanced automation, segmentation, and customer engagement. Can you get that on Klaviyo?

A simple autoresponder is a start, but is it enough? What if your automation could target customers based on their site visits? The actions they take? The products they view or purchase? ActiveCampaign's branching automations let you segment customers with tags, lists, and custom fields – so you can offer exactly what they want.

CRM. Email. Automations.

Powerful features, minus the headaches.




Marketing Automation


Tags let you group, sort, send, and automate. They’re like attaching sticky a sticky note to your contacts.

Powerful Segmentation

Use lists and custom fields to group your customers—then send them content based on their interests and lifecycle stage.

Lead & Contact Scoring

Track engagement so you can reach out precisely when each prospect is ready to buy.

Multi-step Automations

Send emails based on different customer actions or events, without lifting a finger.

Start/Stop and Automation

Use automation to send contacts into—or remove them from—another automation workflow.

Sophisticated Triggers

Field updates, dismisses site message, abandoned cart, and more will enter a contact into an automation.

Dynamic Automations

Use multiple goals and go-to actions to create flexible workflows and send each contact down a unique path.

Automation Map

See how your automations connect to each other, so you can easily update your marketing, adjust your strategy, and map out new automations.

Automation Recipes

Pre-built automations to help you get started building common workflows.

Automation Split Testing

Use If/then logic to give customized experiences without creating dozens of automations.

Website Forms

SMS Automation

Send a text message to contacts within an automation.

Site & Event Tracking

Customized Stack & Scalability

Build customized stacks for your business, allowing your features to scale with you, not against.

Email Marketing

Drag & Drop Email Designer

Dedicated Email Deliverability Team

A real human will check your first few emails and be sure they’re compliant before sending

Email Templates

Conditional Content

Put different messages in front of different people based on specific rules.

Split Testing

A/B test campaigns to learn what content works best.

Sales Automation

Flexible Sales CRM

Mobile CRM

Pipeline Management

Track customers using different categories/buckets


Clearly manage your buyers from start to finish

Deal Creation & Management

Task Management

Deal Scoring

Win Probability

Machine learning generates a percentage field on each deal, telling you how likely that deal is to be won.


Conversations Inbox & Live Chat

Conversations Mobile App

Facebook Custom Audiences

SMS Marketing

Subscribe your contacts by SMS when they send a keyword to a phone number.

Personalized Web Content


Free Onboarding & Migration

Chat & Email Support

Free, High-quality Training

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Better Ecommerce Marketing

Just like Klaviyo, you can feed all your customer data from Shopify, BigCommerce, and WooCommerce. Unlike Klaviyo, automations are powerful and personalized for your exact needs.

See automations at a glance

Building an ActiveCampaign automation is as easy as reading a flowchart. Drag-and-drop automation lets you create automation for every part of your business.

Flexible, integrated CRM

ActiveCampaign includes a CRM. That means you can keep track of every part of your business in the same place that you run your marketing.

Cross-channel messaging

Use email marketing, SMS marketing, and Site Messages to reach your contacts where they are.

Site messaging

Send messages to people at the moment they're most likely to buy – when they're on your website. Create targeted site messages using the information you have in ActiveCampaign or your ecommerce store.

Sales automation

Automate your sales management. See your sales processes at a glance with a fully functional CRM. Track more than clicks and open – see your sales.

Lead Scoring

Find your most loyal customers. Automatically update lead scores – and use them to follow up with the perfect offer at the perfect moment.


Build forms directly on your site. Popups and inline forms let you collect contact info on your site, landing page, or facebook page – no code required.

We’ll move you from Klaviyo for free

You never need to worry about getting started. We’ll get you up and running fast.

When you get  free migration , we import:

  • Your lists, contacts, custom fields, and tags
  • Your automation workflows
  • Your opt-in forms
  • Your email templates

Want to Give ActiveCampaign a Try?

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