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Free service recommended for all paid* customers after completing ActiveTraining

This service includes:

  • 1:1 virtual sessions with an Onboarding team member
  • Strategic planning and guidance on how to use ActiveCampaign to achieve your business goals
  • We will migrate your lists and up to ten items each from your templates, automations, and forms/landing pages.**
  • Wrap-up call that includes next steps and ongoing customer resources

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*Onboarding and migration services are for paid customers only.
If you do not have an ActiveCampaign account or are still on a trial plan, please contact our sales team.

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Migration Only

Need help getting migrated into ActiveCampaign from another platform but don’t need onboarding right now?

Then our free standalone migration service is perfect for you!

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**Please note that we are unable to migrate the following:

  • Draft/Inactive emails or automations
  • Media Libraries
  • Past broadcast emails
  • Tasks & Notes
  • Reporting Data
  • Any data not associated with a unique email address
  • Lead Scoring
  • External coding
  • Event and Activity/Email History