Customer Experience Automation for DocuSign

Empower teams to be more effective with automated document sending.

Spend more time selling by automating document management

Let's face it, we all have documents we need to send our customers. But do our legal documents need to slow down our sales cycles? No! Use ActiveCampaign to automatically send documents to the customer at the right time.

Improve customer AND employee experience with automated document sending

Sellers want to sell and there is nothing worse than dragging out a sale due to document management. When a buyer is ready to buy, it is our job to make their purchase as painless as possible. Sending documents manually often means your rep needs to create, send, receive, and document a contract in the proper place. Automate this entire experience w/ ActiveCampaign for DocuSign so buyers receive and sign contracts at their convenience, while sellers can spend valuable time w/ more potential customers.

Big clients expect smooth document signing processes

When managed well, a smooth document signing process can help your sellers land big deals. When going after large accounts, buyers expect both your solution and your processes to be a smooth and helpful as possible. A manual document signing process can often be a signal to a big buyer that your solution isn't mature enough for them yet. Empower your team with a best in class DocuSign account and automate the workflow through ActiveCampaign to signal that your team is ready to help the big fish.

What can you do with DocuSign and ActiveCampaign?

Use the integration to keep your sellers focussed on selling, provide a best in class document signing experience, and attract bigger clients.

What you can do:

  • Automatically sync DocuSign envelope Recipients to ActiveCampaign contacts
  • Automatically send emails, Slack alerts, and more every time a DocuSign contract is signed
  • Automatically send DocuSign contracts when prospects reach relevant ActiveCampaign Deal stages
  • View DocuSign contract status without leaving ActiveCampaign
  • Pre-fill DocuSign contracts with your customer's ActiveCampaign Deal information
  • Send automated ActiveCampaign email reminders to prospects when waiting on DocuSign contract signatures

Integrate with DocuSign