Fitness: Workout Goals Upsell Automation Recipe


On a fitness journey, every little bit of extra help counts. Your contacts might be using your fitness program and loving it, but what else can you do for them to make it an even better customer experience?

The answer to that question lies in observing customer behavior.

If you see that contacts are repeatedly visiting your online shopping pages, that means they are looking for additional resources. Maybe they know what they're looking for and maybe they have an idea of what they want but not the specific product.

This is your chance to upsell fitness products based on their online page patterns and help them continue their fitness journey with your business.

And you don't need to carve out extra time to watch their progress. Automation can help take care of that for you! That's where the Workout Goal Upsell Automation Recipe comes in.

When a contact repeatedly visits a shopping page on your website, this automation recipe sends an upsell message with products and deals tailored to their personal workout goals. The automation uses a tagging system to make sure that an offer is not sent too often.

Before you import this automation, make sure you set up site tracking.

How does the workout goals upsell automation work?

1. Contact visits a shopping page and triggers the automation: This trigger is set up to activate on a contact's return visit to your website shop. You can use an asterisk* as a wildcard at the end of the URL or provide a specific page. For example, "/shop/*" could be the condition. You can adjust this URL to what makes sense for your webpage. Make sure you use the same URL for all the conditions. They are set for different numbers of visits to the page.
2. Automation checks contact progress: To make sure that a contact doesn't get the same offer with every shop page visit, this IF/ELSE action is looking for a tag to see if the contact has recently gone through the automation. If they have the tag, they will exit the automation. If not, they will continue as normal and then get the tag.
3. Contacts wait between personalized product upsell offers: Set a wait time between what messages they receive last and what messages are next. You can adjust how long this wait is by adjusting the wait steps after each offer email. If you do adjust them, you may want to rename the currently labeled tag accordingly.
4. Automation checks custom fields for contact fitness goals: This IF/ELSE is checking a custom field you have set up for what the contact's fitness goals are so that they can offer products that align with them.
5. Send workout goals upsell campaign: This campaign sends targeted products and offers to contacts based on their fitness goals. This and the other campaigns are adjustable -- you do not have to use the pre-selected example campaigns currently in the automation. The automation continues following the conditions based on how many fitness product upsell messages you want to send. You can add as many product upsell campaigns to this automation as you need. Just make sure to adjust the tag-based wait time to prevent messaging overlap.
6. Tag removal to prevent resending past campaigns: This action, and the other Remove Tag actions, let contacts re-enter the automation after a certain amount of time.

NOTE: Since this automation is set to run multiple times, the goals of the contact may change over time and their journey at that moment in time will always be dynamic to their interests at that moment

What do you need to use the workout goals upsell automation recipe?

Just an ActiveCampaign account, site tracking, and a contact list!

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