Welcome flow with anniversary

Say nicely hello
Nothing is more important than saying nicely welcome to new subscribers.
Imagine that you are visiting some friends, and they do not say hello to you when you enter their home. It immediately creates an awkward atmosphere - and that we must avoid online by setting up a welcome flow.

The flow consists of 5 Campaigns, but it can easily be expanded further if desired. It is recommended to have up to 10 campaigns in a welcome-flow as you then keep in close contact with your subscribers for a longer period.

Mail 1 is a normal welcome email, where you say nicely hello and possibly provides the promised discount code upon registration (it always works for efficient lead generation!).
Mail 2 tells something about you or your business. What makes you special?
Mail 3 tells something more about the products you offer. Why are they better than your competitors?
Mail 4 can be a guide to using your products or it can be a good case.
Mail 5 is sent 1 year after subscription as an anniversary email that rewards the loyal subscriber with a discount code.

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