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How can you use email marketing automation to boost your webinar attendance? Are you looking for a pre webinar email sequence or a pre-event email marketing strategy?

If you're wondering how to promote an upcoming webinar (or other online event) to your prospective audience, look no further! The Webinar Reminder Email Series automation recipe is perfect for webinar reminders or general event reminder emails.

Develop your webinar email marketing strategy by sending a webinar reminder email drip over a set period of time to your event attendees. This automation recipe requires a date-based custom field for the webinar date, and sends gentle update emails about the upcoming event.

A custom field is a piece of information tied to a specific contact. It helps to tell the full story about a contact and store the information that you know about a given subscriber. In this case, the custom field corresponds to the date of the webinar that a contact has registered to attend. This automation recipe uses that date-based custom field to trigger a reminder email for the event.

You can use this automation recipe for:

-Sending webinar invitations
-Providing webinar announcements and venue details for in person events.
-Email marketing for upcoming events
-Giving updates to your webinar description
-Providing the webinar link in advance

- (Bonus) Add follow-up emails after the event is done.

Here's how the Webinar Email Reminder Series automation recipe works:

1. The automation is triggered when a contact registers to attend a webinar or other event
2. The automation reaches a goal of "30 days until webinar" (You can change when the reminder emails are sent. In this example the reminders are set to send at 30 days, 14 days, 7 days, the day before, and the day of the event).
3. The automation waits until the contact's timezone is 9 am (You can change the time the webinar reminder email goes out)
4. The automation sends out the first meeting reminder email
5. The automation waits until the second goal is reached (14 days until webinar)
6. Email 2 in the webinar email sequence is sent
7. The automation waits until the third goal is reached (7 days until webinar)
8. Email 3 in the webinar email sequence is sent
9. The automation waits until the fourth goal is reached (day before webinar)
10. A webinar reminder email or event reminder email campaign is sent
11. The automation waits until the final goal is reached (day of webinar)
12. The final reminder email is sent
13. The automation ends.

Optional -- you can use this automation recipe alongside webinar software tools including:

Note: Be sure to provide clear email subject lines so that your contacts know to open these emails for updates. You can even use plain text emails for the more just informative emails in the sequence.

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