Travel: Trip Start Welcome Series


How can you make sure your contacts start their trip off on the right foot?

By not stopping the messaging once their trip starts! Most travel agencies communicate well during the booking process, but once the trip starts, the communication stops. Show you care by wishing your contacts a good trip and then sending them details about their destination.

This automation sends a contact a message wishing them a great trip on their first day and then sends a follow-up with ideas for things to do the next day. You can use conditional content to specify the information based on the location or guide them to your favorite sites for finding local hot spots.

Here's how the automation works:

1. The automation is triggered when the date stored in a date based custom field for the contact's first day of travel is met.
2. The contact is sent an email wishing them a good trip.
3. The contact waits for a day at a wait step.
4. The contact then receives an email providing resources for their trip.

Note: In our example, we use a date based custom field for the trip start date. If you denote the start of a contact's trip differently, feel free to adjust the trigger.

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