Send a 1:1 Email When a Tag is Added


Tagging is a powerful tool in your marketing automation toolkit. You can set up tags for when contacts take certain actions, attend events, and engage with your business. Did you know you can make them even more powerful by creating a follow-up for when the tag is added?

This automation sends a personalized 1:1 email to your contact when they gain a specified tag. Say congratulations to fully onboarded members, thank contacts for attending an event, or encourage contacts who may have fallen off activities before finishing all with this automation.

Here’s how Send a 1:1 Email When a Tag is Added works:
1. The automation is triggered when contacts gain the specified tag.
2. The contact then arrives at a send 1:1 email step, sending a personalized email directly from your inbox.
3. The automation ends.

Note: Feel free to build out more actions or messages to make this automation your own.

Note: This is an automation template that you may wish to use multiple times in various configurations to follow up directly based on various tags your contacts can gain.

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