Send a 1:1 Email on Link Click


Knowing a contact’s engaging with your marketing efforts is a great indicator to kick off your sales process with a lead. When contact’s are clicking links in your emails, they’re taking the next steps to familiarize themselves with your company, your product, and might even be starting to consider a purchase. This is a great time for your sales team to reach out gently to introduce themselves and get a conversation going.

This automation sends a 1:1 email and creates a deal for a contact, if they don’t already have one, when the contact clicks a link in your email. This is a great way to start gauging interest from your leads and figure out where they go in your sales funnel.

Here’s how Send a 1:1 Email on Link Click works:
1. The contact enters the automation when they click a link in your email. You can have this be any link or set a specific link and email in the trigger.
2. The contact arrives at an If/Else action to see if they have a deal record.
3. If they do, they go down the Yes path and arrive at a one hour wait step.
4. After the wait step, they arrive at a send 1:1 email step that will send your contact an email from your personal inbox and then exit the automation.
5. If they don’t have a deal record, they’ll go down the No path and arrive at an add deal action, creating a deal.
6. They’ll then move to a go to action, moving them to the wait step in step 3 and finishing out the automation as usual.

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