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Do you want to send automated welcome emails to your contacts that subscribe via Salesforce?

Your marketing team sends leads to your sales team, but did you know the lead sharing can go both ways? Your sales team can also let your marketing team know when a lead has opted into receiving your marketing materials.

This automation recipe lets you send automated welcome emails to your marketing leads from salesforce. This recipe promotes sales and marketing alignment by sending marketing qualified leads from Salesforce into ActiveCampaign for lead nurturing.

Before importing this automation, create a custom field for "Marketing Opt-in" in both ActiveCampaign and Salesforce with specific values for opted in and opted out. Then use your ActiveCampaign integration for Salesforce to map these fields together to sync between platforms.

Here's how this automation works:

1. A new contact who isn't on any of your ActiveCampaign lists subscribes via Salesforce
2. The opt-in triggers the "Marketing Opt-in" custom field to change to "opted in"
3. Salesforce syncs the custom field data with ActiveCampaign to create alignment between platforms
4. The contact enters the ActiveCampaign automation when the ActiveCampaign "Marketing Opt-in" custom field value changes to "opted-in" and they're not already on your marketing list
5. The contact hits an action that subscribes them to a list of your choice. (Feel free to add more subscription actions if you want to add a contact to more than one list!)
6. The contact receives an email welcoming them into your community
7. (Optional) The contact receives additional emails in your welcome series if you have a welcome series automation built out.

Pro-tip: You could build out a more robust welcome series in this automation at the end. If you already have a welcome series for your list, then you can remove the single welcome email, and allow this automation to handle onboarding your new contact instead.

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