Salesforce Pipeline Sync


Are you looking for more alignment between your sales and marketing teams and software? Keep your pipelines identical with this Salesforce pipeline sync automation recipe.

This automation helps you get the right marketing messaging to the right contacts based on how far along they are in your sales process. Message timing and relevance is critical to the customer experience. You don't want to encourage someone to set up a demo call if they're coming in tomorrow to sign a contract.

It also helps your sales and marketing teams see all the same, important information about a contact on both platforms at a glance.

The Salesforce pipeline sync automation recipes reflects the current status of each contact in both marketing and sales tools, keeping your marketing and sales teams aligned and up to date.

Before importing this automation, create a custom field for "Pipeline Stage" in both ActiveCampaign and Salesforce with specific values for each stage of your pipeline. Then use your ActiveCampaign integration for Salesforce to map these fields together to sync between platforms.

Now you're ready for this automation. Here's how it works:

1. Contacts enter this automation as soon as the "Pipeline Stage" custom field value is added.
2. Next, the automation creates a deal for the contact in ActiveCampaign and adds the deal to the first stage in your ActiveCampaign pipeline
3. A series of automation goals act as wait steps for the contact. This means that the contact's deal remains in these wait steps until the "Pipeline Stage" field value changes again (automation goal).
4. When the "Pipeline Stage" custom field value changes, it indicates that the sales team has moved the deal from one stage to another in the Salesforce pipeline.
5. Once the "Pipeline Stage" custom field is updated, a corresponding automation goal will grabs the contact and moves them to the next step in the automation.
6. The next step in the automation is an "update stage" action. This action checks the deal's ActiveCampaign pipeline stage and matches it to the corresponding pipeline stage in Salesforce -- ensuring that the deal is in the same place in both platforms.

Why use goals instead of wait steps?

Not every deal's journey will be linear.

Sometimes a contact will have a great initial call and moves straight to signing a contract and closing the deal. In these situations, you don't want the contact stuck on a wait step, waiting for a stage that doesn't need to occur.

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