Salesforce Nurture Lead Series


What if you already have warm leads, but you want to send them more information before reaching out?

This automation recipe sends a series of automated emails to your qualified leads, then, at the end of the series, automatically creates a Salesforce lead record for them.

With this automation recipe you can:

- Warm up your leads before a sales conversation
- Send information before a sales call
- Send automated emails after form submission
- Send a welcome email series before creating a Salesforce lead record
- Provide your qualified leads with more information over the course of a few days
- Generate positive email engagement after a contact takes an action

This automation is triggered when a contact takes a desired action. That action can be when an email contact:

- Submits a form
- Books an appointment
- Schedules a call
- Asks for more information
- Downloads a whitepaper or ebook
- Signs up for gated content
- Registers for an event

Here's how this automation works:

1. A contact is entered into the automation when they take your desired action. This could be submitting a form, subscribing to a list, etc.
2. The contact goes through a drip series of emails, getting one a day for 4 days
3. At the end of the automation, they automatically have a lead record created for them in Salesforce.

Let's say you're a contractor and a contact submitting a form on your site for more information about your process. With this automation, you can send out emails breaking down what they can expect from the process. Give them more information on the specifics you'll need to know to give them a quote and an estimate of how long the job will take.

You can drip feed this over the course of a few days. Then when your sales team reaches out after the email drip, they know what knowledge the contact already has. This gives them a starting point for the sales conversation.

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