Create Leads in Salesforce Automation Recipe Pt 1


Are you looking for a way to use marketing automation to turn contacts into leads for your sales team? The ActiveCampaign integration for Salesforce helps streamline this process better than ever before.

This automation recipe is the first in a three-part workflow automation designed to identify leads that are ready to talk to your sales team and create a lead in Salesforce. This workflow lets you:

- Send targeted emails to your potential customers
- Assign a numerical point value to specific actions your email contacts take
- Track email engagement for your subscribers
- Offer more opportunities for your contacts to take action
- Identify when your contacts take qualifying actions and turn them into sales qualified leads (SQLs)

(We'll be creating Salesforce leads in part 2 and in the scoring based lead generation recipe.)

Here's how this automation works:

1. Set up your ActiveCampaign integration for Salesforce before importing this recipe
2. When a contact subscribes to your list, send a series of automated messages to encourage them to take actions that qualify them as a sales lead (also called a qualifying event)
3. A qualifying event means the contact has shown interest in your company or product. This event could be visiting your pricing page, setting up an appointment, filling out a specific form for a quote, and much more.
4. After each email in the lead generation messaging series, the automation will wait a day, then a series of If/Else actions will check to see if the contact opened the email or clicked a link.
5. If the contact meets the condition, they will have points added to an engagement score and then receive the next day's email.

You know your sales process better than anyone! We encourage you to make this automation your own. This is a template for a simple lead generation messaging series. You could add more messages or actions, increase the wait time between emails, and more.

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