Real Estate: Potential Client Drip Email Series


Are you looking for a way to stay in contact with potential real estate clients? Do you need a way to nurture potential real estate clients with email marketing?

The potential client drip automation recipe is the perfect way to send more information to real estate leads and encourage them to set up an appointment to discuss buying a home with you!

This email automation helps you:

- Build up your real estate pipeline
- Stay in front of potential real estate client
- Find the qualified real estate leads in your email list
- Develop your email marketing strategy
- Encourage prospective home buyers to set up an appointment with you

Before importing this automation recipe into your ActiveCampaign account:

- Build out a date-based custom contact field for "Appointment Date"
- Create an ActiveCampaign form for real estate leads to book an appointment, or set up an integration with your scheduling tool
- Create an automation that is triggered when a contact books an appointment and syncs to the "Appointment Date" custom contact field you created

Here's how the automation recipe works:

1. The automation is triggered when a contact subscribes to a list or is added to a list of "Potential clients" (Note: you can change the automation trigger if you denote potential clients in a different way.)
2. The automation sends an introduction email for new contacts or a follow-up email (Note: you can change the initial email depending on the automation trigger you use)
3. The automation waits 1 day (Note: you can change the length of any wait step)
4. The automation sends the second email encouraging your real estate leads to book an appointment with you
5. The automation waits until the contact schedules an appointment. (Note: In this example, we use the tag "Appointment Scheduled" as the marker. You can set this condition to however you track appointments being scheduled. The Calendly integration or Acuity Scheduling integration are alternatives)
6. The automation then waits until "Appointment Date" is the current date
7. The automation sends an automated appointment reminder email
8. The automation ends

(NOTE) If you do not wish to integrate a scheduling application or create an "Appointment Date custom field sync" automation, you can alter the wait steps to a set amount of time rather than a conditional wait step. In this case, the third email in the automation would be best sent as a reminder to book an appointment.

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