Real Estate: Open House Automated Follow Up


Are you wondering how to convert more open house leads? Do you need an open house follow up plan?

Send automated follow up emails to your real estate open house attendees with this automation recipe! Open house thank you notes are a great way to stay in touch after the fact, and give you an opportunity to send creative real estate emails to your qualified potential home buyers. This automation recipe is a great addition to your checklist when preparing for an open house.

Bring an iPad or laptop to your open house with an online form for your attendees to register. Once they submit the online form, they will be added to your email subscriber list as a qualified lead and entered into the open house follow up email automation.

This automation recipe lets you:

- Send a "thank you for attending our open house" email to all open house attendees
- Expand your real estate email marketing strategy
- Take advantage of real estate email automation
- Notify qualified real estate leads of upcoming open houses

Before importing this automation recipe into your ActiveCampaign account:

- Build a form with ActiveCampaign Forms App for iPad, OR
- Integrate your ActiveCampaign account with your preferred landing page tool

- Create a pipeline in the ActiveCampaign CRM for your qualified real estate leads with a pipeline stage for "Submitted Paperwork" OR
- Create a custom contact field for "Submitted Paperwork"

Here's how the automation recipe works:

1. The automation is triggered when a new contact submits your form
2. The automation waits 1 day to send a follow up email the day after the open house (Note: you can change the wait step to any length of time)
3. The automation sends a "Thank you for attending the open house" automated email, this should be a simple thank you email and a chance to encourage the attendees to fill out paperwork on the house if they''re interested.
4. The automation waits 1 day (Note: you can change the wait step to any length of time)
5. The automation checks each contact to see if they have a deal in the "Submitted Paperwork" stage of your ActiveCampaign pipeline, OR
6. (If you're using the custom contact field option) the automation checks if the "Submitted Paperwork" custom field value = "Yes"
7. If Yes, the automation ends.
8. If No, the automation sends an email with the upcoming open houses schedule
9. The automation ends

The If/Else condition works to encourage contacts who have not submitted paperwork on a house to attend future open houses. You can include additional information that you want prospective real estate clients to know.

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