Publishing: Submission Rejected


Who likes giving bad news?

No one does. This can lead to these emails being the last on the day's list of tasks or, worse, falling through the cracks. But it's necessary, especially when someone is wanting to know if their work is going to be published. Automating this ensures no one falls through the cracks again.

This automation sends an email to your contacts thanking them for their submission, but letting them know it won't be published at this time. This is triggered when a deal of the contact's is moved to the "Rejected" stage of your pipeline. Using personalization fields in the email allows contacts with multiple submissions to know which you are referring to.

Here's how this automation works:
1. The contact enters the automation when a deal of theirs is moved to the "Rejected", or similar, stage in your pipeline.
2. The contact is sent an email thanking them for submitting, but letting them know you won't be publishing them at this time.

Note: This automation assumes you are using the CRM as a way to track submissions. If you are not, feel free to adjust this trigger to however you denote a rejected submission.

Note: Feel free to build out this automation with more messages and actions that make sense for your business. For instance, if you offer workshops, an invite to one would fit great in the workflow.

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