Proactive Check-in After Purchase


No news is good news, right?

This isn't always true when it comes to hearing from customers after they make a purchase from you. This is why it pays to be proactive. Reaching out to your customers to ensure they're not having issues is a nice check in for customers who have no problems and the first step in creating a great customer experience for those who might be experiencing issues.

This automation is triggered when a contact makes a purchase from your integrated ecommerce store. The automation waits for a while and then sends an email to the customer, checking in and starting a dialogue if they are experiencing any problems with their product or service,

Here's how this automation works:
1. The contact enters the automation when they make a purchase.
2. The contact waits for 3 weeks at a wait step.
3. The contact then arrives at a send email step and is sent a message to see how things are going with their new product.

Note: Our example wait step of 3 weeks assumes a period of time for shipping to occur and the contact to use the product a bit before reaching out. Feel free to adjust this timing to what makes sense for you.

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