Travel: Private Tour Booking Automation Recipe


When a contact requests to book a private tour, let your team know to start planning the tour with the client -- then share the tour information with the tour guide.

This automation sends a message to your tour planning team, telling them to reach out to the client and start planning the tour. Once the tour is planned and details have been finalized with the client, the tour guide will be sent details about the tour.

This automation helps communication between:

- Tour operators
- Tour guides
- Tour planners
- Travel agencies
- Clients booking private tours
- Anyone else involved in the tour booking process!

Using the ActiveCampaign CRM for tour operators makes it easier for your team to plan tours and share information about online tour booking. If you don't use the ActiveCampaign CRM deal owner features for tour management, you can still use this automation to help plan tours.

Before importing this automation, build a stage in your pipeline for contacts who request a tour.

Here's how the private tour booking automation works:

1. The automation is triggered when a contact moves to the tour request stage in your planning. If you use a different way to track your contacts' tour requests, feel free to adjust the trigger accordingly. We use deals so that we can assign tasks directly to the deal owner.
2. The automation sends the deal owner a message. The message shares information about the contact and lets the deal owner know that you'll be assigning them a task. Use %DEAL_OWNER_EMAIL% to automatically send the message to the deal's assigned owner. If not using the CRM deal owner features, feel free to assign a specific email address here.
3. The automation assigns a task to the deal owner to set up a call with the contact to finalize the tour details.
4. The automation waits 4 days. Adjust this time to what makes sense for your business.
5. An If/Else condition checks if the deal is still in the tour request stage.
6. If the deal is still in the tour request stage, the deal owner still needs to reach out to the contact to finalize tour details. The automation assigns the deal owner another task to set up a call.
7. If the deal is not still in the tour request stage, a message is ready to be sent to your tour guide team. The automation sends an email to the tour guide with information about the client and their tour plans.
8. The automation ends.

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