Fitness: Offsite Form Submit Automation Recipe


Let's say you're a fitness business, and you host an event in the park. It's the perfect time to get to know future contacts in person and collect their contact info.

How do you actually collect that info without your usual website form?

Yes, online channels are very handy for collecting new contacts. But they aren't the only way. Conferences, festivals, and other events can also be great ways to collect contacts.

Fun fact: you can use the iPad form offline and all of the collected contacts will still sync to your account when you reconnect to the Internet later!

And more good news -- you can easily transfer new contact information into your marketing platform and create deals from offsite form submission.

That's where automation comes in. Specifically, the Offsite Form Submit Automation Recipe.

When people attend your offsite events, you can use an offsite submission form through an iPad to collect their contact information. This automation then helps you begin a conversation by tagging them as an offsite form submission, creating a new deal and sending a first outreach email.

Before you import this automation recipe, make sure to create a form on your iPad using the ActiveCampaign app for iPad.

How does the offsite form submit automation work?

Here's how the offsite form submit automation works:

1. Create an offsite submission form: Create and choose the form you want to use to collect event sign-ups, such as an iPad form. If you don't use the iPad form method, you could always trigger the automation by assigning a specific tag when you import the collected contact. Make sure the trigger is adjusted to however you want to organize them.
2. Tag is added to a new contact: This tag can be customized to the event that they signed up at.
3. Create a new deal: Here you want to set up the deal for the contact. Choose the pipeline, stage, and owner.
4. Create a new task: This action is setting up the task to reach out. Choose which task type you want and any notes you want to include on the task for the deal owner.
5. Send first outreach email: This campaign is a general welcome email sent to your new contact. You can also let them know to expect to hear from you more directly soon.

What do you need to use the offsite form submit automation recipe?
Just an ActiveCampaign account, an offsite form, ActiveCampaign CRM, and a contact list!

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