Nimble: Update record upon unsubscribe


What's an embarrassing moment you've had?

It could be the wrong thing said over dinner or perhaps a disagreement with family around the holidays. But, for your sales team, it's when they reach out to someone who isn't expecting to hear from you and has let you know. It also hurts re-engagement efforts if you're trying to sell to them while they have a problem.

Using ActiveCampaign's native integration with Nimble, this automation updates a record when a contact unsubscribes from a list. This could be updating the record that no communication should occur if they have completely unsubscribed from all your lists. Or maybe it's just adjusting the dialogue if they unsubscribed from more specific lists, for instance a membership list.

Here's how this automation works:
1. The contact subscribes to your list.
2. The contact's record in Nimble is updated.

NOTE: For this recipe, one of the fields you should pass along is an engagement field of some sort so you're passing this information along.

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