New Year Re-engagement Campaign


When is the ideal time to reconnect with unengaged contacts?

One great option is at the start of a new year. You have recapped information about all your business has done in the last year and have an outline with what the new year is bringing. These are elements that can excite a lapsed contact and get them excited and re-engaged,

This automation does not have a trigger. You will manually add your unengaged contacts when you're ready to run the automation. The contacts will receive two campaigns highlighting your growth and next steps. After a small wait, an If/Else action checks to see if the contact engaged with either campaign and tags it accordingly.

Here's how this automation works:
1. You will manually enter your unengaged contacts into this automation.
2. The contact will then be sent an email highlighting your year in review.
3. The contact will wait for two days at a wait step.
4. The contact is then sent an email letting them know your plans for the upcoming year and how to get involved.
5. The contact then waits for four days at a wait step.
6. The contact then arrives at an If/Else action that checks to see if the contact opened either campaign.
7. If they did, they go down the Yes path and are tagged as re-engaged from this campaign.
8. If they didn't, they go down the No path and are tagged as unengaged for this campaign.

Note: Feel free to build a trigger if you would like, but this automation recipe is intended to be used with engagement tagging automations so that you can easily segment and bulk import contacts that meet your criteria into the automation when you are ready.

Note: Feel free to build out more campaigns, but be sure to include any new campaigns in the If/Else conditions.

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