Magento: Cross-Sell After Purchase


When a customer makes an online purchase, what happens next?

A confirmation email? Definitely. And that confirmation email can either include or be promptly followed by a cross-selling campaign.

Cross-sell marketing campaigns show your contacts which of your other products they might be interested in based on their previous online purchase. For example, you can send a cross-sell campaign to a contact who buys a guitar and try to sell them an amplifier.

To keep interest high with cross-selling campaigns and without extra work for you, you can use an ecommerce cross-sell email automation recipe.

How does an ecommerce cross-sell email automation work?

Here's how this ecommerce cross-sell automation works:

1. Once a contact makes a purchase from your Magento store, they enter the automation and wait for a few days.
2. After the wait, the contact receives the first cross-sell email to tell them about other products and services you have to offer. Use this email to show how this product improves the experience of the first product they purchased and helps to realize its full potential. If you don't run an after-purchase automation, use this opportunity to send a thank-you email for the first purchase.
3. The contact will wait for a small amount of time, then an If/Else action checks to see if the contact bought a cross-sell product. You can adjust this time period to your preference.
4. If the contact has made the purchase, they receive a tag to show they purchased after the first cross-sell email and then exit the automation.
5. If the contact doesn't make a purchase, the contact will receive a second cross-sell email and go into another wait step for a few days.
6. After the wait, an If/Else checks to see if the contact has made the purchase. If they have, they are tagged as having purchased after the second email. Either way, the contact exits the automation.

This automation checks for purchase after each email to allow you to test different cross-sell strategies. You could also use goals to track the cross-sell purchase.

You can run this cross-sell automation for a specific product or other products in general, just make sure you adjust the conditions accordingly.

What do you need to use this ecommerce cross-sell email automation recipe?

Just an ActiveCampaign account, a Magento integration, and a contact list!

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