Holiday Marketing: Drip Series Upon Site Visit


How can I help my holiday sale be a smashing success?

When contacts are looking at your site around the time of a big sale, chances are they're considering a purchase or just made one. This is a great time to let them know about your holiday sale and show off some top deals. Even if a contact made a purchase, they may have missed out on the perfect gift for someone on their holiday gift list, so showing the highlights can help drive another purchase.

The automation is triggered when a contact visits your page or subdomain you've specified. The trigger is further segmented with date/time conditions for the duration of your holiday sale, so contacts only enter when it's occurring. The contact then is sent a series of targeted emails about your current sale over the next few days.

Here's how this automation works:
1. The contact enters the automation when they visit your specific page or subdomain during the time frame in the segment condition.
2. The contact waits for a few hours at a wait step.
3. The contact is sent an email about the holiday sale.
4. The contact waits for a day at a wait step.
5. The contact is sent a second email highlighting different deals from the holiday sales.
6. The contact waits for a day at a wait step.
7. The contact is sent a third email, this one highlighting small, last minute deals to pick up before the sale ends.

Note: You can use an asterisk as a wildcard at the end of the url in the trigger and it will trigger on any visits to that subdomain.

Note: You will then want to segment the trigger to only be active during the time of your sale. You can do this using Time/Date conditions. In our example, it's a month long sale, so we have the segment as "current month is December". Feel free to adjust this to your actual sale time.

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