Form Integration: Send Welcome Email Series (Automation Recipe)


Send new contacts a series of welcome emails to introduce your brand and start building a relationship.

When a contact subscribes through an integrated form -- like a Typeform form or Unbounce form -- this automation sends them a welcome email series over the course of several days.

A welcome email series is a sequence of messages that you send to your new list subscribers. Welcome emails have higher open rates than any other marketing emails, because your contacts are expecting to hear from you!

Your welcome email sequence can (and should):

- Share information to help your contact get started with your business
- Encourage your contacts to join your customer communities on social media
- Deliver a lead magnet you offered for subscribing, like gated content or a discount
- Be personalized with your contacts' information
- Send ASAP after someone subscribes to your list

When you use a welcome email series instead of a single welcome email, you have a chance to introduce your brand to contacts and build a relationship before you start selling.

This automation helps you do all of the above. You can use this workflow for a general welcome series or create a different, more personalized version for each integrated form.

Before you import this automation, set up your Typeform, Unbounce, or other form integration with ActiveCampaign.

Here's how the "Form Integration: Send Welcome Email Series" automation works:

1. The automation is triggered when a contact is assigned a form integration tag. In our example, the tag is "Typeform-integration." This tag indicates that the contact submitted the integrated form. (When you set up your form integration, you can set up this tag.) We exclude anyone already on our master email list to make sure that the welcome email series only goes to new contacts. Adjust this trigger to the form integration you have set up.
2. The automation sends the first welcome email in the series.
3. The automation waits 1 day. (Feel free to adjust the wait step.)
4. The automation sends the second welcome email in the series.
5. The automation waits 1 day. (Feel free to adjust the wait step.)
6. The automation sends the third welcome email in the series.
7. The automation ends.

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