Form Integration: Deliver Gated Content Automation Recipe


Do you use gated content as a lead magnet? This automation makes it easy to deliver gated content to contacts who submit your form, then send a follow-up email with bonus content on a similar topic.

What is gated content?

Gated content is any content that can't be accessed until someone submits their contact information. Some popular types of gated content include:

- White papers
- Webinars
- Ebooks
- Checklists
- Templates
- Tutorials

You can use gated content as a lead generation technique -- offering content in exchange for a contact's information leads to higher conversion rates than offering nothing. Once you have the contact's information, you can send them follow-up emails or marketing emails, and even have your sales team reach out.

When a contact gives you their information in exchange for gated content, they expect to get that gated content delivered to their inbox ASAP. This automation takes the task of sending gated content off your plate. When a contact submits a gated content form, automatically deliver gated content to the lead, then follow-up with other relevant content to keep your brand top-of-mind.

This automation works with form integrations like Typeform and Unbounce. Before importing this automation, make sure you have your form integration set up and your gated content form integrated with your ActiveCampaign account.

Here's how the "Form Integration: Deliver Gated Content" automation recipe works:

1. The automaton is triggered when a contact submits your gated content form and is assigned a corresponding tag. Our example uses Typeform, but you can adjust the trigger based on your form integration.
2. The automation sends the contact an email with a link to the gated content. (You can also use our Dropbox integration to add an attachment to your email.)
3. The automation waits 3 days. Feel free to adjust this wait step.
4. The automation sends the contact a follow-up email with a bonus piece of content. Send another piece of helpful, relevant content to provide more value to your lead and keep your brand top-of-mind.
5. The automation ends.

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