Form Integration: Feedback Form Submission Follow-up Automation Recipe


Show your contacts that you're listening to their feedback with this automation. When a contact submits feedback, follow up with a thank you email and personal outreach based on their feedback.

If you collect feedback through a form integration like Typeform or Unbounce, this automation makes it easy to make your contacts feel heard and learn more about their feedback. When a contact submits your feedback form, this automation lets you thank them for their feedback and assign a team member a task to follow up with a personalized response. Finally, the automation sends the contact one more follow-up email to ask if they need anything else.

68% of customers who churn do so because they feel like a company doesn't care about them. Don't let that happen to you! Collecting feedback is great, but having a real person reach out to your contacts to learn more about their experience -- whether negative or positive -- helps build customer loyalty and increase the likelihood of repeat purchases.

This automation works with form integrations like Typeform and Unbounce. Before importing this automation, make sure you have your form integration set up and your feedback form integrated with your ActiveCampaign account.

Here's how the "Form Integration: Feedback Form Submission Follow-up" automation recipe works:

1. The automaton is triggered when a contact submits your feedback form and is assigned a tag accordingly. Our example uses a Typeform form, but you can adjust the trigger based on your form integration and feedback form.
2. The automation sends the contact a follow-up email thanking them for their feedback.
3. The automaton assigns a task for a deal owner or other team member to reach out to the contact with a personal email or call to learn more about their feedback. If you don't use the ActiveCampaign CRM, you can change this step to "Send a notification email" and enter the appropriate email for your team.
4. The automation waits 5 days. Feel free to adjust this wait step based on your business.
5. The automation sends the contact a follow-up email asking if there's anything else they need.
6. The automation ends.

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