Send Email Coupon After First Purchase Automation Recipe


Say thank you to first-time customers by rewarding their first purchase with a special discount or coupon over email. Sending an email coupon after their first purchase encourages shoppers to become repeat customers.

Successful coupon campaigns can help you boost customer loyalty:

- 68% of customers say coupons generate loyalty
- 82% of people are more likely to continue using a retailer that offers consistent deals

Add this automation to your coupon marketing strategy to send offers and discounts to first-time customers. Emails offering discounts to customers see a 48% increase in revenue per email.

Before you can use this automation recipe, you need to set up an integration with your ecommerce store.

Here's how the coupon after first purchase automation works:

1. A customer places their first order with you
2. The automation sends the customer an email with a discount code or other special offer. ActiveCampaign does not dynamically generate coupon codes; you will need to supply the discount codes manually, through custom fields, or with an integration.
3. The automation ends

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