Create Deal From a Form Automation Recipe


Are you looking for a way to automatically create a deal in the CRM when a contact submits a form? Do you wish there was a way to automatically add a deal to your sales pipeline and notify the deal owner when a form is submitted?

The Create Deal From a Form automation recipe creates a deal for a contact in the CRM after a form submission. When a website visitor submits a contact form, this automation:

-Creates a deal for the contact
-Adds the deal to your sales pipeline
-Assigns a deal owner (Optional)
-Creates a follow-up task
-Pulls contact information from the form submission (Optional)
-Notifies you of new contact information

If a contact submits a form and already has an open deal in your CRM, another deal will not be created. Instead, the automation will notify you of the form submission and that new contact information may be available.

This automation recipe works to streamline deal based workflows and ensures that no leads who click your call-to-action (CTA) fall through the cracks. You (or your sales reps) will be assigned a new deal and follow-up task to qualify the opportunity.

Here's how the create deal from a form automation recipe works:

1. The automation is triggered when a contact submits any form
2. The automation then checks to see if the contact matches the condition of "deal status is open"
3. If that contact has an open deal, a notification will be sent to the email address of your choosing
4. If there isn't a deal for that contact, the automation will create a deal and add a follow up task
5. (Optional) the automation will assign a deal owner and add the deal to a specific pipeline and pipeline stage within the ActiveCampaign CRM.
6. A notification email will be sent that the contact submitted a form and a deal has been created.

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