Customer Win-Back Email Series Automation Recipe


Customers stop buying from businesses or cancel memberships for any number of reasons. And often, those reasons aren't permanent dealbreakers.

When a customer leaves, you can still win them back with the right win-back email campaign. But there's no need to keep a constant eye on who cancels so you can start sending that email sequence.

Instead, you can use the Customer Win-Back Email Series Automation Recipe to track and address customer cancelations.

When a contact cancels your service, a "Canceled" tag is applied and the automation sends a win-back email series to invite the customer back. The messages are delivered at intervals after canceling and can be edited to what makes sense for your business. You can apply the "Canceled" tag with a third-party service like Zapier.

How does the customer win-back email series automation work?

1. This automation begins when a tag indicating the customer has canceled is added. This tag will need to be added by an integration with your platform or through a third-party integration, such as Zapier. This automation will not work for contacts who unsubscribe from your list.
2. The first customer win-back email goes out as soon as a customer cancels your service. You might use this message to say you're sorry to see them go and ask if they can give you any feedback about why they decided to cancel.
3. The contact waits in the wait step until the next email in the sequence goes out. You can modify the Wait actions throughout this sequence to change the interval between messages to whatever you think will work best.
4. The contact continues through the automation and receives each message in the email sequence until the Goal action is achieved. Each of the messages in this sequence is an opportunity to check-in with the contact and see whether they are interested in returning. You may want to give them a discount offer to incentivize them to return.
5. When the contact becomes "won back" they go directly to the Goal action. This Goal action will end the sequence when the "Canceled" tag is removed. For this Goal to work, you need an automation or integration that removes the "Canceled" tag when they repurchase.
6. The automation ends whether the contact is won back by the Goal step or not. If they are not won back by the Goal step, they do not meet the goal but still exit the automation.

Bonus: Do you need help creating a customer win-back email series? Check out these customer win-back email campaign examples.

What do you need to use the customer win-back email series automation recipe?

Just an ActiveCampaign account, a third-party integration for tagging, and a contact list!

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