Conversations: Form Submission Support Ticket System Automation Recipe


Did you know that you can use a form for more than just getting contacts subscribed to your list? You can also use it as a help ticket request system! And what's even better? You can automate it.


With the Form Submission Support Ticket System Automation Recipe for Conversations!

ActiveCampaign's Conversations tool helps you keep track of all contact communication in one convenient place -- and it can help you keep track of your support ticket requests too. Never worry about forgetting to answer a call for help, because automation has you covered.

Use the ActiveCampaign's Conversations tool to run a ticketing support system directly from your Conversations tab and keep customer communication all in one spot.

By using the correct Personalization fields on a notification action, you can create a system where a contact can submit an inline form outlining their issue and then send a notification message to your team members that appears directly in Conversations.

Before you import this automation recipe, set up Conversations in your ActiveCampaign platform.

How does the form submission support ticket system automation work?

Here;s how the form submission support ticket system automation works:

1. The automation triggers when a contact submits a form with a support issue: this form is typically an inline form on your site. It is not a live chat window.
2. A notification is sent to Conversations, starting a message thread: Once the form is submitted, the automation pulls the contact info and their support request into a message that generates a conversation thread. This message appears in the overall Conversations message thread. You will need to set the Send To email to your Conversations forwarding email address you have denoted in your Conversation settings. From here, any team agent can see the support request and reach out to reply.
3. The automation ends: This automation is set to end after one action, but you can add additional actions if you choose.

What do you need to use the form submission support ticket system automation recipe?

Just an ActiveCampaign account, a form, and Conversations!

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