Set up Consultation Call with Calendar Integration Automation Recipe


If you're using a calendar integration like Calendly to schedule calls, this automation is made for you! This automation makes it easy for contacts to book a consultation call.

When a contact fills out a form to request a consultation, this automation lets you share your calendar (from Calendly or another online scheduling tool) so that the contact can easily schedule a consultation call or consultation session.

Before importing this automation, you need to set up an integration with your scheduling calendar. If you use Calendly, you can set up a direct integration with ActiveCampaign. If you use a different online scheduling app, set up a third-party integration using a service like Zapier to connect your scheduling software to ActiveCampaign.

Before you use this automation, make sure you have a consultation request form set up.

Here's how the set up consultation call with calendar integration automation works:

1. The automation is triggered when a contact submits the consultation request form.
2. The contact is sent an email with further information on how to sign up for a consultation call. The email should provide a link to your scheduler integration, such as Calendly.
3. The automation waits 2 days.
4. An IF/ELSE step checks whether the call has been scheduled. Your calendar integration must be set up to add a tag or adjust a custom field when a call is scheduled. Adjust the IF/ELSE step to match that tag or custom field.
5. If the contact has scheduled a call (based on the IF/ELSE condition), the automation ends.
6. If the contact has not scheduled a call (based on the IF/ELSE condition), the automation sends an email to the contact reminding them to book a consultation call. You can include an incentive in this email, or express that this is their last chance to schedule.
7. The automation ends.

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