Assign Task To Introduce New Deal Owner


Deals change hands as they go through a process and more information is found out about them. You’re routing them to the right team to ensure they’re handled based on their unique situation. But without clear communication, this can feel like a game of hot potato, with the contact constantly having to re-explain their needs and feeling dizzy from all the shuffling. Avoid this pitfall by creating a clear system for new deal owners to introduce themselves to their deals.

This automation creates two tasks for a deal owner to reach out when a deal’s owner changes. This allows the deal owner to review the deal’s information and get ahead of the change and make the deal feel taken care of.

Here’s how Assign Task To Introduce New Deal Owner works:
1. The automation is triggered when a deal’s owner field changes.
2. The contact then arrives at an add task step for the new deal owner to send an email introducing themselves and setting expectations with the deal.
3. The contact then arrives at another add task step. 4. This time it’s for the deal owner to call and have a conversation with the deal, so they can ask any questions and help with any confusion.
5. The automation ends.

Note: Feel free to build out more actions or messages to make this automation your own. For instance, another task to review all deal information before reaching out could make sense.

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