Assign A Recurring Task On A Deal Until It Moves Stages


How many touches does it take to close a deal?

While there is a wide variety of thought on the subject, the truth is each deal is unique. Some will be ready to move onto the negotiation stage after hearing from you once, while another contact may not be swayed until your 10th conversation. Keeping a dynamic task to always be reaching out to your deal until they move stages is a great tactic to ensure you're giving the deal as much contact as they need.

This automation assigns a task to reach out to a contact when they enter your pipeline...and keeps assigning another task to reach out every few days until the deal has moved stages and is ready to move onto the next part of the process. Feel free to specify the condition when your sales agent will stop reaching out. Maybe it's a certain stage in your process or when they're won or lost.

Here's how this automation works:
1. The contact enters the automation when they enter your specified pipeline.
2. The deal owner is assigned a task to reach out to the contact.
3. The contact is held for three days at a wait step. Feel free to adjust this time to what makes sense for your business.
4. The contact reaches an If/Else action checking to see if they are still in the same stage.
5. If the deal hasn't moved stages, a Go-to action sends the contact back up to step 2.
6. If the deal has moved stages, then they exit the automation.

Note: Feel free to adjust the trigger to what makes sense for your sales process. You might want to use a “Deal stage changes" trigger.

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