This is a contributed post from DigitalME, an ActiveCampaign partner. 

Founded in 2017, Unicorn Capital is a consulting firm that develops ultra-premium pitch decks, business plans, cap-raise strategies, and investor materials. They help founders and entrepreneurs seeking to raise $5-50m USD or exit their businesses.

In their first year in business, Unicorn Capital had built a solid reputation on Upwork. This helped fill their pipeline and kickstart growth. 

But, as a result of being in an expensive niche for advertising, their ad spend was very high. In addition, they were spending a lot of nonproductive time chasing poor-quality leads.

With a little bit of market research, Founder & CEO Evan Fisher could see the types of leads companies in his industry were landing. He discovered that he needed to change something to be competitive. He knew that with the right marketing strategy, Unicorn Capital could produce higher quality leads with less work and less ad spend.

Evan knew Ross Jenkins from DigitalME previously when they met at a coworking space. And in 2018, Evan reached out about becoming a DigitalME client. 

Unicorn Capital had 3 goals they needed to meet: 

  • Increase their lead quality
  • Reduce time spent closing deals
  • Realize a higher ROI on lead spend.  

How DigitalME delivered quality results

To help Unicorn Capital reach its lead goals, DigitalME runs Google ads to an ActiveCampaign landing page designed with one sole purpose—to generate leads. 

To ensure that Evan isn’t wasting his time on poor-quality leads, DigitalME introduced a series of surveys to better understand where a prospect is at in their VC investment journey. This helped qualify leads and allowed Evan to focus on prospects that will benefit the most from their services.

Today, Unicorn Capital utilizes not only Automations and Forms, but Deals through ActiveCampaign’s CRM as well. Each deal is entered into pipeline stages. That way Evan can see if leads either go through the funnel or drop out of the funnel depending on the quality of the lead. 

“The automations we have set up for Evan in ActiveCampaign are great. He can go in and view leads in his funnel, either by going into the automations, or by going into the sales dashboard where he can see his entire pipeline.” – Ross Jenkins

Unicorn Capital now leverages emails, click-activity, read activity, and ActiveCampaign’s lead scoring features to optimize their lead funnel. Since working with DigitalME and ActiveCampaign, Unicorn Capital has seen a 50% increase in qualified lead volume. 

“Using the ActiveCampaign integrated funnel built by DigitalME, we’re constantly seeing over 10x return on ad spend, have grown sales by over $75K, and get compliments all the time from other business owners who build funnels for their own companies!” – Evan Fisher, Founder & CEO at Unicorn Capital

Evan’s time is money, and DigitalME is focused on providing Unicorn Capital quality leads who are viable and ready to work with them now. 

Prospects that have future goals in mind are placed into a long-term nurture sequence in ActiveCampaign, which keeps Unicorn Capital at the front of prospects’ minds and at the top of their inbox every month with valuable content.

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