Laboratoire Hollis supports women’s health and wellness through the production of organic nutritional supplements accompanied by personalized guidance and recommendations for each customer.

Inspired by their personal life experiences, loved ones, and patients, Mathilde Scheuer and Thomas Hugonnenc set out to provide a new way for women to take control of their health with Laboratoire Hollis. All Hollis products are formulated by pharmacist Mathilde and made with love in France, using only the finest ingredients and organic plants. 

When it came to marketing her new business, Mathilde chose ActiveCampaign for its small business-friendly platform and flexibility. The platform allowed their small team to work toward their aggressive growth goals without the need for outside help. 

“I chose ActiveCampaign because it’s designed for growing businesses, perfect for starting small and growing quickly,” Mathilde says.

Targeting the right audience  

In the beginning, Hollis had no customer base. It was critical for Mathilde to generate awareness and grow a list of contacts to start nurturing potential customers toward their first purchase.

So, she used ActiveCampaign’s landing page tool, Pages, to create a page where contacts could sign up for news and updates before Hollis even launched. With Pages, Mathilde was able to move quickly and get a beautiful, on-brand landing page published in just a few easy steps.

Mathilde used ActiveCampaign’s landing page tool to start building her contact list before the Hollis store launched.

Her key strategy involved conducting outreach to different segments of healthcare professionals, including midwives, gynecologists, and pharmacists, within ActiveCampaign. These professionals often prescribe medications and recommend supplements to their patients. By sharing content that resonates with them and showing them how Hollis products can help their patients, Mathilde can reach more of her target customers—saving her time. 

“For me, success is to really be able to target the people who want to be targeted, and with the right message. I want people to be interested in what I’m saying, so the right targeting is critical. This is what I’m getting with ActiveCampaign,” Mathilde says.

Building meaningful relationships

In addition to her outreach to healthcare professionals, Mathilde looks for social media influencers who may be interested in Hollis products. ActiveCampaign’s CRM helps her keep track of those relationships. 

A separate pipeline for each of her target audience segments helps her quickly see who she has contacted and who is interested in building a relationship—and make sure she doesn’t forget to follow up with someone. Mathilde says the pipeline allows her to know where everything is at all times, so she always knows who to reach out to next. That way, no relationship falls through the cracks. 

And with ActiveCampaign’s powerful automation and segmentation capabilities, Mathilde can easily reach the right audience and initiate a meaningful relationship with each person. Her sales are directly linked to the email communications she sends, and since Hollis’ online store was launched, she has generated €2,600+ in revenue from campaign and automation emails.

Meeting customer expectations as a small business

The other crucial puzzle piece was meeting customer expectations as a small team of two. Mathilde knows her target customer expects a relevant, personalized experience. She needed strong automation to run her marketing activities, so she could get as close to the customer as possible. She wanted to make each person feel like her most important customer with personalized content and tailored guidance.

She started by creating an automation that follows up with customers post-purchase. She uses product tags to tailor the email content based on the product purchased. So if a customer purchases a product that promotes better sleep, Mathilde can tailor her communications to provide tips for getting a better night’s sleep. 

Mathilde uses conditional content in her email communications to provide personalized guidance to each customer based on their purchase.

Mathilde relies on other data collected across the entire customer lifecycle—including abandoned cart rates, customer service inquiries, and how frequently contacts engage with her communications—to reach the right people with the right communications at the right time.  

“I was surprised by how targeted and personalized I can make my customer communications,” says Mathilde. “I’m just one person, but ActiveCampaign lets me engage every single customer like I’m personally reaching out. With all my customer data in one place, I can use it to automate personalized content and recommendations that address each customer’s needs and inspire their loyalty.”

If you would like to explore the platform that Mathilde uses every day to grow her business, try ActiveCampaign free today.