Email Marketing That Grows With You

Don’t be stuck with limited features with basic email marketing platforms. Get the email marketing tool with advanced features, such as segmentation, smart automation, a CRM to help you manage relationships, and an email designer that’s powerful enough to keep up with your growing audience.


Plan Type: Lite
Contacts: 1,000
Setup Costs: $0

Email Marketing
Advanced Automation
Knowledgeable Support Team
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$ 29
per month - paid yearly


Plan Type: Creator
Contacts: 1,000
Setup Costs: $0

Email Marketing
Basic Automation

$ 25
per month - paid yearly

Marketing automation designed to grow your audience

  • Easy-to-use visual email campaign designer (that won’t cramp your style)
  • Powerful email targeting and segmentation for your sales funnels
  • Pre-built automation workflows to get started easily
  • Better track your relationships and always know who you’re talking to with the CRM
  • Integrates with the top membership platforms
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Email marketing software with advanced automation and personalization that's easy to use

Don’t be limited to simple actions. Create advanced automations that let you combine more than 20 triggers and 40 automation actions to show your audience exactly what they want to see.

A better platform for creators

Grow your audience without compromise with popular email marketing services built in. Get started fast with landing page templates.


Marketing Automation

Create automations to help streamline your marketing campaigns and increase your conversion rates.

Email Automation

Whether regular newsletters or one off email broadcasts, create detailed email sequences using automation for your email marketing campaigns.

Lead Scoring

Track engagement so you can reach out precisely when each prospect is ready to buy.

Ecommerce Automation

Automate your ecommerce experience.

Split Automations

Use If/then logic to give customized experiences without creating dozens of automations.


Landing Page Builder

Create unlimited landing pages to collect new leads using an advanced landing page builder with a visual editor.

Form Builders

Collect email addresses through opt-in forms and sign-up forms customized to your target audience.

Facebook Custom Audiences

Create and use Facebook custom audiences.

Facebook Lead Ads

Automatically sync newly generated leads directly, so your sales and marketing teams can take immediate action nurturing them through all of your channels, campaigns, and automations

Site Messages

Create site messages to help your leads get the most from your website.

Mobile Ads


Content Manager

A central hub for storing, organizing, and sharing files with all users on your ActiveCampaign account


Choose from beautiful email templates to get started or create your own email campaigns from scratch.

Conditional Content

Put different messages in front of different people based on specific rules.

Abandoned Cart

Create specialized automations to help win back abandoned carts.

Predictive Sending

Increase your deliverability rate by automatically send emails at a unique time for each contact on your email list at the time they’re most likely to engage.

Drag & Drop Email Editor

Create beautiful emails with a drag and drop interface. Start from a variety of templates to get started, or create your own email templates from scratch.


Automation reports

Generate reports on how your automations are performing.

Campaign Reports

Get detailed reports on every campaign you send.

Store Performance

Create ecommerce reports so you can track your most important KPIs.

Marketing Revenue Report

Generate reports for marketing revenue.

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How ActiveCampaign wins over ConvertKit

Elevate your audience targeting and outreach.

Multi-channel messaging

Use email, SMS, Facebook Custom Audiences, and more to reach your contacts where they are.

A/B testing

Test emails—or entire automation workflows—to find what works and what doesn't for your subscriber lists.

Date-based automation

Trigger automations when you update content and automatically follow up with your target audience.

Goals & goals reporting

Measure your efforts and optimize your funnel to get the most out of your automation tool.

Contact & lead scoring

Understand email subscribers engagement, identify their interests, and send them what you know they'll love.

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