Don’t speculate: predict with AI

Prioritizing your deals helps you decide when to nurture with automations and when to add a more personal touch.

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A male presenting person in a bright, open plan office. Superimposed above them is the ActiveCampaign win probability interface, showing a 51% likelihood of a deal going through.

Prioritize the right deals

Predict new business wins and losses and use your time wisely by focusing on the opportunities that are most likely to close.

Our win probability feature provides real-time updates on how likely a deal is to close and assigns each opportunity a percentage, so you can focus on the ones that count.

Win probability in action

Let’s take a look at how a real estate agent might use win probability to close a deal.

  • Lead schedules showing the next day

    Your win probability gets a bump when a lead schedules a showing. Afterwards, a follow up email is on the way.

  • Lead ignores email

    Your lead doesn’t open your follow up email, lowering the chance to close. Keep the momentum up with a follow up call!

  • Show three more houses

    The phone call works and your lead opts to see three more houses. The score increases based on their engagement.

  • Lead makes an offer

    The deal isn’t closed yet. But when leads make an offer, they’re very likely to close with you. Congratulations!

Take your sales forecasting to the next level

With our win probability tool, you can predict what the next month, quarter, or year might look like. Use the win scores generated by AI to help forecast your revenue and enable your team to make more informed business decisions.

A male-presenting person in a modern office, looking at a laptop.

Analyze your pipeline with real-time insights

Leverage your metrics to improve your new business processes and start securing revenue.

  • Spend less to get more customers

    Stop spending time and resources on the long shots. Focus your efforts on the prospects with a high win probability.

  • Track customer engagement instantly

    Add or deduct points for your customers’ actions and behaviors, so you have a real-time metric that tells you how engaged they are.
  • Improve your forecasting

    Use data to better monitor your pipeline and estimate which deals will turn into revenue. Make sure you’re not surprised at the end of the month.

  • Align sales and marketing

    Make sure the handoff happens at the right time, so your sales team has a constant supply of engaged leads they can take over the line.


Manage your leads in one place with our fully-featured CRM tool. Track your prospects from the first interaction all the way through to closing the deal.

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Leverage our holistic reporting tools to track your campaign's value, understand your ROI, and pinpoint gaps across your marketing strategy.

A male-presenting coffee shop owner checking performance metrics on an iPad, showing the results of their latest campaign.

Site & Event Tracking

Effortlessly track user behaviors and actions across your website and gather actionable insights about your contacts and customers.

A smiling female-presenting office worker looking at a laptop, with site tracking data superimposed.

Lead Scoring

Assign a point-based score to each individual contact and set which actions or behaviors add or deduct points. Focus your efforts on the highest-value leads.

A female-presenting person in a bright modern home, checking lead score updates on their phone after a contact has completed a form.

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