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Integrate YetiText with ActiveCampaign

A full-featured 2-way text message service for your ActiveCampaign business. Send and receive SMS and MMS messages

YetiText is built from years of experience with businesses looking to scale and grow with the addition of text messages. Every feature in YetiText is designed to make the ActiveCampaign user's business more effective when looking to utilize SMS.

YetiText's seamless integration into ActiveCampaign allows users to set up webhook actions to send SMS or MMS messages (2-way text messaging). Additionally, ActiveCampaign users can communicate directly with contacts from our Live Chat interface. Support for MMS allows you to attach images, contact cards, and audio files with your message of up to 1600 characters.

With the addition of Auto Chats, YetiText allows you to become more effective with your lead generation in ActiveCampaign. Using a fully automated back and forth conversation you can save incoming answers to contact fields in ActiveCampaign and start Automations right away through a tag trigger to begin automation with your new leads.


  • Seamlessly send and receive text messages to your ActiveCampaign contacts.
  • SMS and MMS support for sending up to 1600 characters in a message with media attached.
  • Make and receive calls from our mobile app or desktop interface.
  • Send Trackable Links to contacts allowing you to tag contacts that click on links from text messages.
  • Send ringless voicemails through your YetiText number to ActiveCampaign mobile phone numbers.
  • Use YetiText's native iOS and Android apps for messaging with your ActiveCampaign contacts.

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Integrate YetiText and ActiveCampaign

Send and Receive SMS and MMS with YetiText. Use our mobile app to manage your 2-way text message conversations.

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