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ActiveCampaign Branding

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Our Logo

The following is a representation of how our logo is used with color. Primarily we use our logo in white when on a dark background. When on a light background we use our primary blue as the base color.

Full Logo
Download white logo pack
(.ai, .pdf, .png, .svg)
Download blue logo pack
(.ai, .pdf, .png, .svg)
Download white mark pack
(.ai, .pdf, .png, .svg)
Download blue mark pack
(.ai, .pdf, .png, .svg)

Logo Guidelines

To ensure each logo is clearly visible and identifiable the following guidelines should be followed when using clear space.

Minimum full logo spacing

Use the mark on the logo to measure out spacing both vertically and horizontally. Logo should be centered on both axis.

Minimum mark spacing

Mark should always be vertically centered. Note the slight offset when positioning horizontally.

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